Why Sandpaper Smiles?

So why did I choose the name Sandpaper Smiles? Well, before I get seizures or sometimes when I’m feeling, dizzy, out of it or just plain nasty. I’ll get what’s called an aura. It basically is a visual warning, letting me know that a seizure is coming on.

The first time the doctors asked me what my aura looked like I didn’t know what to say. It doesn’t really¬†look like anything, it’s more the unpleasant sensation. But the only thing I could think of was sandpaper. It looked like indigo (purply blue) coloured sandpaper.

So I decided to call the blog Sandpaper Smiles, because even though the Sandpaper aura isn’t the greatest feeling in the world, smiling takes the sting out of it (and your family gets a little less worried if they see you’re smiling and not hurt)

Also I think the Smiles, signifies the fact that even though we have (or know people who have) epilepsy, it’s not the end of the world. There will always be happy things that make you smile and having epilepsy won’t ever change that.