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A place to share opinions and experiences with Epilepsy.

Starting Over

Dan: Being zero days seizure free seems like one of the worst feelings in the world.

Caitie: I know that starting over after working so hard on something really sucks.

Dan: I know that when Caitie restarts her seizure free schedule, somehow we always end up watching Frozen.

Caitie: Does anyone have any little things that makes them feel better after a seizure or restarting their seizure free calendar?


The Good, The Bad and the Ugly of Epilepsy Meds

Dan: So I’ve heard that epilepsy medication can be pretty bad and I’ve seen the firsthand the side effects Caitie’s had to deal with.

Caitie: I’ve been on four different kinds of epilepsy meds and I’ve had different reactions to them all. With Clobazam I gained a ton of weight and still had seizures, with Topamax (which I was on for 5.5 years) I lost all the weight I gained and it became really hard to think and stay organized. I had an allergic reaction to Lamotrigine.

Dan: Let’s not forget Keppra which her really angry about everything. And very moody. We’d like to hear your stories about epilepsy medication – good and bad. Join the discussion by posting in the comment section.