Ellie’s Story

Hi, I am Elena Rayne. But many knows me as Ellie Rayne. Or even Ellie’s Journal blogger. I want to tell you of my own Epilepsy story.

My mother was not the type of woman that could give birth to children the normal way. Unfortunately, she never knew about that until the last 24 hours of labor with  me. She entered labor on 28th September around 7.45pm as my Father recalls. But, I was still stuck in her womb at almost midnight on the 29th of September! The doctor proposed to do a Cesarean Section surgery and get me out quickly as he was concerned that I might die before I could be delivered. The sad part is, when I was saved from a tragic death in my Mother’s womb, it was determined that I had stayed in her womb too long.
I was placed in an incubator for three weeks after I was born. From time to time seizures occurred for me within the incubator itself. This lasted until I was 4 years old. And then the seizures stopped. I didn’t have another seizure for 6 years.
Then when I was around 10 years old that changed. One night I was finishing up my homework and then I went to take a nap in front of the television. My family was relaxing on the sofas talking to our neighbours.
Next thing you know, a seizure hit me while I was napping. I was told by my parents that I had a serious one. It lasted from 10.34pm until 8am the next morning. The doctor told my parents that by the time I came out of the seizure,  my whole life, identity, memories and basically all that made me, ME, would be gone for good. He said I would not recall anything and that I would most likely suffer a major brain deficit. Brain damage was inevitable after such a prolonged seizure. My parents were devastated.
But then a miracle happened. Thanks to God, I did wake up. At first I thought I was still asleep in front of the television at home. I was surprised to see a white-tiled ceilings instead of the normal ceiling  from home with the wooden fan spinning above me. As I rubbed my eyelids a nurse came to tell me to lay down. I thought I was actually dreaming. So I started to call for my parents. They came to me instantly along with the doctor. They asked me for my name, age and what year it was. They asked me to identify my parents names and their ages, They told me to identify pictures of animals from a stack of cards! What am I? A kindergardener? I am a elementary (primary) school girl sheesh!  Give me a break!
But since then, my seizures comes 2-3  times in a week that actually rotates every 4-5 months. It is getting better actually. I am glad I am still living to this day. I am 23 this year.
Ellie Rayne


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