My Journey – Part One

Hi. I’m Chalyce Joachim. I am 23 years old and happily married.I have a great job as a sales/marketing assistant at 2impress (we do branded apparel and promo products) oh, and retail clerk. Hopefully not for long though. Soon I’m on my way up to just marketing. On the outside I am completely normal…….kinda. I do like to state my individuality a bit by wearing funky clothes. lol. But on the inside I am not normal.

I have JME (Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy). My 3 seizures that go with that are absent, complex partial, and grand mal/tonic clonic. I was diagnosed when I was in 6th grade. I had been having them since I was young. Like, I’m guessing, 2 years old. I’m not sure why I have mine. I don’t know if its because my parents at the time were young and thinking putting a blanket on a 2 year old while she was sick was a good idea or if its genetics. Either way GRRRR! Sorry needed to get that out.
When I was in 4th grade my Grandmama told me that she knew something was off. My mom told me that teachers kept saying I would go into other classrooms and sit down like I belonged there. I would roam the halls. I wouldn’t listen. I was a wonderful kid though. I was happy and always willing to help.
Now the way I remember elementary wasn’t quite like that. I remember helping teachers put lunch trays away after lunch because that’s just what I did. I remember having 2 boy best friends who had crushes on me. I remember everyone getting along in school and that life was pretty good.
I ended up apparently seeing a primary doctor though (my mom told me this part)  and everything was great. Just fantastic. So we didn’t think twice about it.
Flash ahead to 6th grade and why I needed to get checked out. I wasn’t listening still, (according to, well, everyone), I was failing almost all my classes, and, I don’t know the other reasons, but it was pretty much 4th grade all over again.
See what I saw 6th grade like was like it was H377! (Trying to not swear) I thought there was no homework EVER! (yeah I know H. E. double hockey sticks with an eye roll but failing and having no homework ever was kinda weird). I was constantly teased for things I don’t remember doing. People were mean. Plus I got tired  A LOT! Like in the middle of class, I just wanted a nap. I know normal for anyone and everyone but I love to be awake and doing things….having a nap was just not in my mind.
Anyway, finally, and I don’t remember why, but I got taken to get looked at again by the doctors. I went to a hospital in Milwaukee, WI to get an MRI or CT scan done….I can’t remember which. Anyway, on the way to the hospital I do remember this. My mom didn’t know what to do or say. I know she didn’t want anything to be wrong with me, and sometimes moms don’t know what to say to help you feel better so I got, “There better be something wrong with you, or you’re grounded for 3 months!” I started praying right after that. I prayed for something to be wrong with me until I realized then I might have to deal with it for my whole life. So I prayed that there was nothing wrong with me and that I was just daydreaming and that I would remember my daydreams. Then I realized I’d be grounded for 3 months which was pretty much all summer so, yeah changed my mind. Which I did for pretty much the whole way there. I prayed my lose-lose prayer.
I had to lay (I think it was an MRI) still in this machine while a movie played so they could scan my brain to see what was wrong with me. Of course when you pray a lose-lose prayer you get a lost. They found out I was having seizures.
Now I realize this is not where someone should leave off with a story, but since my seizures have gotten to a weird point…like hard to control I can only tell you so much at once. Part 2 will be coming your way soon. Thank you for letting me get Part 1 out at least.
Sneak peek of Part 2: I was teased horribly when I found out I had epilepsy. Well, I was already being teased, but finding out I had these made it worse. And it wasn’t just people I went to school with who teased me. I had a stepdad (HAD is key word….parents got divorced. GO MOM!) who teased me when we found out.
Stay tuned for the second part of Chalyce’s story.

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