Eva’s Story and Website

I spent over a decade of life as an EMT (starting at 35) caring for the sick and injured, never thinking that at 46 I would be one of the sick requiring care.

I suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in November, 2011, subsequent ischemic stroke during my brain surgery, seizures, and idiopathic TTP (thankfully now resolved). Since then, I have been been struggling to regain normalcy in my life, but cannot drive again until I am six months seizure free. I just can’t seem to make that milestone.

I use one of my blogs (My Miracle Life) to help chronicle my life post hemorrhage, celebrate the small things in life, post my writing aspirations/fears monthly, communicate with other survivors who find it difficult to talk to someone who can understand, and use it as my advocacy platform for things I believe in. I’m currently collecting resources, writing posts, gathering information, etc. to post on my blog so it can be useful to others as a place for resources.

She’s still in her infancy, and since I still have some trouble with focus and concentration, it’ll take me some time before I get her to where I’d like her to be.


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