Isaiah’s Story

Meet Isaiah, he is 21 months old and has a twin brother, Preston.

At 4 months old Isaiah started to act out of character and became very ill. He had his first seizure 19 days after getting sick. That seizure sent us to the hospital in an ambulance where we spent the next 3 weeks searching for answers. After 3 weeks of being hospitalized, the seizures were finally under control and he was discharged. He was ultimately diagnosed with meningoencephalitis & underlying epilepsy related to the Influenza A virus.


Isaiah’s neurosurgeon and neurologist believe his seizures were brought on by an undiagnosed illness (Influenza A) which led to meningitis and seizures.


Today Isaiah sees Neurology routinely for his EEG every 3 months. He is on 3 medications twice daily: Phenobarbitol, Keppra, B6 & has Diazapam for emergencies. They have just started to wean him off the phenobarb due to the long term side effects. He hasn’t had a seizure since September 2, 2013!!! Woo hoo!! He is my small soldier and my warrior.



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