Brenden’s Story

Brenden’s Story

Brenden was “officially” diagnosed with Epilepsy in June of 2008.  He was only 14 months old. We noticed that his eyebrows would move rapidly up and down and he would stare off for minutes at a time sometimes. He was only 10 months old. Before that began to happen, he was thriving, meeting all his milestones, even had some words down. Mom, Dad, milk, food, hi and bye.
We began to log all his seizures in a notebook and we would record 60 or more a day. We knew we were not able to see all of them either.
Shortly after his diagnosis he was put on Depakene and he responded well to the meds. Seizures decreased to maybe 2 a day. After 6 months he still showed seizures and activity so he was added a small dose of Lemictal to go with the Depakene. Immediately after the first half dose he developed a rash on his chest that within a hour was covering his whole torso. He is highly allergic to the Lemictal and I never administered another dose.
Fast forward to 2014. Brenden is now 7 years old. He has gone through 4 different meds and is currently on 500mg of Depakote sprinkles a day. Soon he will be in a clinical trial and will be taking CBD oil, too.  He has been seizure free for 5 months and his neurologist is confident that the CBD will cure him and help him regain his motor function and help his speech also. His last hospital stay for EEG monitoring was still showing a few “sparks” not strong enough to be called spikes and no seizures. The MRI, which just a year ago showed that the left side of the brain (towards the back) was bigger than the right, came back normal.
Brenden is thriving always & keeping a watchful eye constantly. Life has been rough for Brenden but he keeps smiling and loving unconditionally. He deserves every wish his little heart desires. Unfortunately we can just give him his needs and maybe some wants, once in a while.
You can follow Brenden’s ongoing journey with epilepsy on his Facebook page: Friends for Brenden.

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