You Are Not Alone

I’ve been really lucky because I’ve never felt totally alone with my epilepsy. Nearly every school I’ve been at there has been another kid with epilepsy in the same grade as me. It makes me kind of sad to know that there are kids with epilepsy who’ve never met any one else who has epilepsy.

There are kids (and people of all ages) who think that they are all alone with their disorder and there’s no one else who understands it the way they do. Not only do some kids think that there’s no one who understands epilepsy but they believe everyone in their lives looks down on them because of their epilepsy. It’s the sad truth that there are some people who can’t see past the epilepsy to the fact that there is so much more to a person. But there are a lot of people, who once they understand what epilepsy really is, don’t let it affect their perception of a person. I know this because I have a lot of friends who know about my epilepsy and who are supportive and treat me just like any one else.

So I’m really lucky. Besides all of this – and how strongly I believe we need to put an end to stigmas associated with epilepsy by raising more awareness of what this disorder really is – I believe the internet and social media are very, very useful tools to connect youth, and people of all ages who have epilepsy all over the world to let them know they aren’t alone.


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